Real Estate Agent vs. Fast Housebuyers Atlanta

fast housebuyers in Atlanta

Chances are you attached to your home, especially if it’s your first home. Moreover, houses are a significant investment.

For these reasons, homeowners want to make as much money as possible from their homes. So, how do you manage to get a great offer and still sell your house quickly in Atlanta?

Typically, homeowners looking to sell their property in Atlanta will have two popular options to choose from; the first option is to work with a real estate agent, and the second choice is to work with reputable fast housebuyers Atlanta.

However, while the choices on the table are pretty clear, some people still find themselves dealing with a fork in the road when they have to decide between choosing a realtor or working with we buy houses company.

Here’s a window into the pros and cons of hiring a realtor vs. selling your Atlanta home to fast housebuyers.

Agent Advantages

1. Potentially Higher Selling Price

An experienced agent will usually possess the skills, knowledge, and experience required to sell your house for a higher selling price. After all, the higher the selling price, the more commission the real estate agent is going to make.

2. Does All The Work

When you choose a realtor, they handle all transactions including communicating with the buyer. This can be quite helpful especially when dealing with difficult buyers.


Agent Disadvantages

1. House Showing & Cleaning

Listing your home with your realtor requires you to get rid of personal items, declutter and clean.

2. Can Take Months

When you pick an agent to sell your house, there’s no guarantee that they will sell your home fast. Sometimes your house can sit in the market for months.

3. Commissions

Real estate agents charge you a 6% commission for their services. So you pay to sell your house.
Costly Repair Expenses


Real Estate Investor Advantages

1. Completely Free

If you choose to sell your Atlanta house to trustworthy fast housebuyers Atlanta such as We Buy ALT Houses Cash, you don’t pay any fees or commissions.

We buy houses for cash at zero fees and commission. You don’t have to spend anything to sell your home to us.

2. Fast Sale

Our process is straightforward, accept our deal, and we buy your home ASAP! Sell your house in Atlanta to us, and the transaction will be as good as closed in a week. Call us for a fast sale!

3. Cash Offer

Selling to us gets money in your pockets. Sometimes one doesn’t have the patience or the time to wait for the money to move from buyer to the real estate agent then to your account.

Sell your house to us and get your money quickly. We have the funds needed to buy your home in Atlanta for cash so call us!

4. No Repairs Or Expenses

No need to repair. Don’t even clear the junk. Sell your house as-is, and we will buy it. We buy houses Atlanta any condition and location.

We can clarify the benefits of selling your Atlanta house to reputable fast housebuyers in Atlanta. Call us to learn more!

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